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When it is time to buy or sell a property in Westchester and the Bronx, choosing which realtor to work with should be done with extreme caution. It is crucial to remember that when it comes to finding a real estate agent, “one size does not fit all.”

We recommend you interview a few agents to find “the right fit” and, in doing so you will discover that — in terms of skill set, knowledge of the area, and client satisfaction — not all agents, despite their experience —have what it takes to succeed in this unpredictable marketplace. Granted, they are licensed agents, but for many, real estate may be a second source of income, rather than a full-time profession. Think about it, would you put your health, your legal matters, or your finances in the hands of a physician, attorney, or accountant who wasn’t focused 100 percent on you and your needs? Of course not! You want the best possible attention. Then why would you entrust the “keys to your kingdom” to a mediocre agent who has one eye on his bankbook and the other on the clock? To reiterate, who you select to find the absolute best property in Westchester will impact your overall well-being, happiness and financial security for many years to come.

In this highly competitive real estate market, where the field is overflowing with licensed professional agents, one man stands heads-and-shoulders above the rest: Lukasz Przybylek (pronounced Pshih-bih-lek).

“Lukasz is a hard-worker and excellent at his job. He exudes self-confidence, maturity and patience, which he demonstrates on a daily basis,” says Michael Nukho, owner of NuRealty Advisors, Inc., Yonkers, NY. Lukasz is also a “take charge” kind of fellow, which works to his advantage, especially with clients who might not understand the intricate transaction process. “His greatest gift is making people feel at ease. He is truly interested in them and it shows.”

Having the ability to make real estate clients comfortable in what sometimes can be an emotionally charged situation isn’t a pre-requisite to getting a real estate license. Rather, it is a trait that is carefully honed through years of experience. Serving people is simply part of Lukasz Przybylek’s DNA. As a passionate young man in his homeland Poland, he served in the military, on duty to ensure safe passage for those on his watch. For freedom’s sake, he stood tall alongside then Solidarity union leader Lech Walesa and did his small part to help change the world for the better.

In 1988, Lukasz packed up his accomplishments and with new dreams on the horizon moved to the U.S., where he and his Peruvian-born wife, Dora, eventually bought a home in the Park Hill area of Lower Westchester. During those early years, Lukasz (who is fluent in Polish, Russian, and with Dora’s help speaks a bit of Spanish) once again put his life experience and people skills to the test by becoming a successful restaurateur. “There was always something to do at the restaurant. I worked 80 hours a week, but I loved being busy and getting things accomplished,” enthuses Lukasz. Here, his ability to communicate and connect with those around him came into play as he was in charge of hiring staff, negotiating leases, and working non-stop with suppliers on food quality and costs. “My primary concern was and still is for my customers. If they are happy, I’m delighted,” beams the man who seems to know no limits.

Coming up with creative solutions, is just part of this unique real estate agent’s vast abilities. Just ask celebrity jewelry retailers, such as Lisa Jenks, Joan Boyce or Christopher Designs, where Lukasz designed necklaces for TV’s Paula Zahn and singer, Mariah Carey. Admittedly, that time of his life was quite interesting, but not nearly as exhilarating and fulfilling as practicing karate, rock climbing, scuba diving (he’s certified!), roller blading and, above all, fathering his two lovely daughters Sofia and Gabriela.

Coming from a man whose background, life experience and professional expertise is as diverse as the county he lovingly calls home, Lukasz Przybylek observes: “I grew up in Poland, lived in Germany, spent time in Austria and I chose to raise my family in Westchester. It’s a great place. I love the close proximity to Manhattan, the schools, the property value and standard of living. Can you believe that after 22 years, I am still discovering places to go and see. It has everything we need, and, honestly, the people are, well, fantastic.”